Long Day's Journey Into NightBrian Dennehy, Vanessa Redgrave, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Robert Sean Leonard starred in this revival of Eugene O'Neill's classic, directed by Robert Falls, which opened at the Plymouth Theatre for a limited 18-week run in April 2004. The play follows the Tyrone clan through a mesmerizing day and night, as they battle their demons, their pasts, and one another in four extraordinary personal struggles. James Tyrone (Dennehy), an aging but once promising actor, has long ago sacrificed his art for commerce, choosing to tour in the same pedestrian stage play year after year. Oldest son Jamie (Hoffman) is a troublemaking alcoholic, envious of the writing talent of his ever more sickly younger brother, Edmund (Leonard). Unable to confront Edmund's illness and bitter from her husband's emotional and financial selfishness, matriarch Mary Tyrone (Redgrave) relapses into a morphine addiction that has already had dire consequences on her personal and familial well-being. The play depicts the riveting events of the next 16 hours as each family member drifts further into drug-induced oblivion and reveals his or her struggle for survival. Ergo served as Associate Producers for this critically-acclaimed production that shattered box office records for a play on Broadway and won three 2004 Tony Awards.

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